November 23, 2008

We tested out our new Plug-in Media glow stick voting system at the DIMA:s last night. Wired Sussex gave us a problem to solve: how do you host a voting system within what is essentially a big industry party? How do you make it fun? Our solution: democracy with glow sticks!

The whole of the Plug-in team were encouraged – encouraged with the tacit understanding that our jobs depended on it – to don lab coats and over-sized glasses to facilitate Seb and Dom’s spectacular experiment. Four projects were put to the test and the winner was the one that generated the most glow stick waggling. Science! We expect to be hearing from Number 10 soon… Surely we could get this in place in time for the General Election.

Here are some photos of the event, from flickr:
Glo-stick VotingPlug-in LabPlug-in Lab 3Our TableThe settingDomKatePlug-in Gang

And see the system in action here.