April 5, 2010

Plug-in Media has been working on this top secret project for the BBC since Christmas and we are delighted to announce that The Big Coconut Adventure is now live on the CBeebies’ website.  Designed to accompany their landmark new music show, the ZingZillas website is all about introducing sounds, instruments and musical ideas to young children. By tapping in to its immersive musical universe, the ZingZillas website hosts a suite of musical games to get children tapping along, singing out loud and dancing around the front room.

The Big Coconut Adventure offers four different environments to explore linking directly to those seen on screen. The worlds are populated with animated versions of the show’s characters brought to life by highly talented animation company, Blue Zoo.  Each scene comes to life with the scroll of a mouse: wind chimes tinkle, loud speakers boom, shells click together like castanets, dustbin lids clatter and bicycle wheels whirr!

At the heart of each environment are two musical games. In the Coconut Hut, you can become a Gooseberry Groover and splat berries in time with a rap or explore the sounds of the Coconut Hut kitchen in Beat Blender. In the Clubhouse, drag and drop different instruments for the ZingZillas to play in a personalised musical sequence or compose tunes with the Ant Chorus.  In Todd’s Garden harmonise with hummingbirds in a game of musical pairs or paint with musical paintbrushes to make back drops for the Big Zing.

And the fifth member of ZingZillas is … you! Once on the beach and preparing for the Big Zing, youngsters can choose from an impressive array of instruments and appear alongside the ZingZillas themselves using a webcam and their own movement to play along in an interactive music video.

Have a play >