August 6, 2010 admin

Plug-in Media website presented at Flash on the Beach

After 4 years of sterling service, the classic Plug-in Media website has been decommissioned. In its place, its stunning reincarnation: Plug-in Media Mark III, bearing our new brand logo debuted on twitter last week when we revealed our new office sign to the world.

The Plug-in Media website was a classic of its time, achieving notoriety throughout the industry. It was of a different time, a more innocent time. A time when an entirely Flash website without any easy access to actual information was considered pretty damn cool.

Plug-in Media Mark II was created right at the start of Plug-in Media’s illustrious history, a labour of love crafted by Dom and Seb over four long, hard months. We threw everything in there: a custom 3D rendering system, character animation and particle systems with tireless attention to detail. In fact, less than 1% of the site’s visitors even find the perfect recreation of Space Invaders hidden in the lab page.

And it certainly got some attention. We unveiled it at FlashForward Austin 2006 to rapturous applause, and the accolades continued rolling in: IMA Award (Best in Class), 2007 Webby Nominee, and finalists in the Flash Forward awards, YDA, and FITC. It was also featured in Computer Arts and in the showcase section of Flash for Dummies!

The news page on the old site

So now we say goodbye with a sense of fondness and nostalgia, and look ahead to the future! To a bright new world, a world of the open web! A world where we have fresh new branding! A world where you can actually find out exactly who we are and what we do! And a world where our website even works on iPhones!

So enjoy the new site. But if you ever feel a hankering for nostalgia, fear not. Our old website will be stored for posterity here in a virtual climate-controlled display cabinet.