February 9, 2011

Our Driver Dan’s Story Train website has now been translated and launched in the United Arab Emirates as Captain Karim Qitar al Hekayat accompanying the launch of the programme on the Al Jazeera pre-school channel, Baraem.

Localising Driver Dan’s Story Train involved working closely with a UAE-based translation agency and our clients, TwoFour54 to produce an Arabic script and voice over to accompany our interactive game content. The design of the site required a shift of content to allow for right to left reading and to accommodate the Arabic text – this was particularly significant in Story Corner, where our young users get the opportunity to leaf through a story book as Captain Karim reads it to them.

In addition to localising the full brand website, we also created some exclusive and bespoke standalone content for the Baraem site. Our separate standalone storybook content delivers five new stories accompanied by beautiful eye-catching illustrations allowing kids to continue to adore this loveable lion long after they’ve seen the television episodes.

Meet Captain Karim and his friends here, and the Baraem standalone content can be seen here.