May 6, 2011

Psychoville is back, and series 2 is even darker, stranger and funnier than you could ever have anticipated. To celebrate this, Plug-in Media is bum-clenchingly excited to announce the
arrival of our fictional character microsites which will accompany each new episode of the series via the BBC website.

Following the success of the series one microsites, where users were able to enter into the morbid minds of each of the show’s characters, Plug-in has created a series of new sites, each focused on unravelling the next part of the Psychoville mystery. Together they produce an “interactive journey”, combining text, images, games and video content all generated by the show’s creators, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. The online offering holds a mystery of its own and by going through all the interactive content you’ll find a series of secret clues hidden within.  Combining all of these will unlock the “unique end of series treat” that the Psychoville production team has in store. You won’t be disappointed – we can tell you that now!

As you can imagine we’ve had a great time working with BBC Comedy, to create this first class content and it’s been wonderful to bring some of our BAFTA-winning production skills to some more “adult” content. Reading the hilarious written comedy, making each of the games and getting to know the Psychoville characters has been incredibly entertaining and has involved the entire company during its various stages of development.

As tempting as it is to reveal all our well kept Psychoville secrets, you’ll simply have to join the investigation online to find out what we’ve been up to – we’ll keep our twitter feed updated as each new piece of content is launched. One thing we can say – keep your eyes peeled for our comical clownish cameo…