September 13, 2012 admin

Plug-in Media has been busy all summer working hard on the hotly- anticipated CBBC game Leonardo and we are now thrilled to announce that its launch is imminent! We know you’re dying to play this action-packed game and you won’t have long to wait; but in the meantime to wet your appetite here’s a sneak preview…..WARNING CONTAINS REALLY COOL HIGH-OCTANE RACES!

Leonardo is a TV show made by our friends at Kindle Entertainment. The game follow the themes of the TV series as we see the teenage painter and inventor Leonardo da Vinci and his gang try to save Renaissance Florence from the evil clutches of the mysterious Il Drago. Playing as Leonardo, you must race his various inventions through the streets, sewers and rooftops in order to capture Il Drago’s men who have stolen your vehicle designs.

Each time you catch the thieves, you get an opportunity to upgrade Leonardo’s vehicles by crafting components together in the Invention Space. Yep, that’s right – as if these machines weren’t cool enough already – you also get to upgrade them and race even faster! Leonardo comic strip scene

The game’s story is delivered in the form of an interactive comic-strip featuring the show’s characters and leading players through the exciting adventure. We were lucky to have on board artist Lois van Baarle, who captured the tension and atmosphere of the story perfectly, all with a painterly aesthetic entirely suited to one of the greatest artists of all time.

Our technical department embraced the challenge of building the game with gusto! The game makes use of recent improvements in browser-based 3D rendering, available with the advent of Flash 11. As one of the first games built using the 3D engine Unity and published to Flash, it will deliver a result closer to a console gaming experience than CBBC has ever seen before.

If you’ve been following our twitter feed, you’ll already know some of this, as we’ve been blogging our development process on the BAFTA Young Game Designers website. Here we’ve been able to talk through what it takes to make a game – inspiring young games industry hopefuls along the way!

Leonardo's bike

We reckon that our ground-breaking and exciting new game presents an fantastic opportunity to bring a wider audience to the Leonardo TV show. For those kids who might be alienated by the prospect of a TV drama in period costume, the Leonardo game makes Renaissance Florence seem as thrilling and full of action as it must have done to Leonardo and his friends in the 15th Century –
and we hope our game will drive first-time audiences to see more.