August 13, 2013

Keeping up with the latest developments in games for mobile web, our recent adventures into HTML5 have successfully delivered a port of Get Squiggling Letters, the marvellous letter drawing game we created for CBeebies a few months ago.

Forming part of the rapidly growing CBeebies mobile offering, Get Squiggling Letters enables pre-schoolers to practice letter writing in a more intuitive way – using touch screen to follow the dots and join up the letter shapes.  The HTML5 offering is a simplified version of the Flash game, focusing on the letter forming part of the original activity.  There’s no doubt that forming letters with your finger is much more intuitive for a little one than trying to wrangle a mouse – so we’re sure that this game will prove hugely popular.

We’ve been diverting much of our internal R&D to HTML5 recently and this effort is our first published game – though we’re pleased to say that the Tee and Mo mobile games will follow very shortly!

Visit the CBeebies Get Squiggling site on your mobile or device to start squiggling those letters!