January 10, 2014 admin

Walking into the Plug-in Media office over the last few months, you might have accused our code team of spending too much time on their phones.

Not the kind of gang to take a break, they’ve been researching, developing and building applications using the latest HTML5 and Javascript technology. Obviously these technologies have been around for a while but as mobile and tablet take-up amongst children has increased, 2013 was the year where we’ve really been starting to see the demand come in from our clients.  Our adventures into HTML5 have been very successful so far and we’re really excited by the direction this technology is takingin our industry.

Our first HTML5 release was Get Squiggling Letters for mobile devices, enabling children to learn letters by tracing shapes on a touchscreen. This was a fantastic opportunity to put into practice all we had learned about HTML5 and try out our new systems of working with the technology. The result is an immensely tactile tool for teaching children and a wonderful demonstration of the power HTML5 brings to the mobile web.

We’ve now released more Tee and Mo games that use HTML5 under the hood: Hide and Seek, Face Painting, Guava Ball and Picture Perfect all run in a mobile browser and deliver the same high quality experience that you’d expect from a Plug-in Media project!

We are working on more exciting games right now and continuing to explore the possibilities opened up as the technology advances.  In fact if you head on over to our Facebook page you’ll see a picture of today’s Plug-in Media HTML5 bootcamp – where the team have been updating our early HTML5 game experiment: Infector to translate it into a multiplayer, dual-screen experience.  We’ll be sharing the results with you soon!

There’s no doubt that HTML5 is here to stay and we expect to be sharing more new projects with you and seeing where HTML5 takes us and our audiences in 2014.