May 5, 2014 admin

We’ve just received some very exciting news here at the Plug-in Media camp. Tee and Mo have been nominated for the Prix Jeunesse Interactivity Prize!

Prix Jeunesse is a prestigious bi-annual award which honours excellence in children’s media. Plug-in Media are incumbent holders of the Interactivity Prize, winning with our Driver Dan’s Story Train online experience two years ago, so we are overjoyed that our very own Tee and Mo have been nominated for the prize this year!

In 2014, Prix Jeunesse is focusing on brands that help develop emotional intelligence. Tee and Mo is our original IP that encourages preschool children to bond with their caregivers though playing together, so we are delighted that the judges agree that Tee and Mo have a lot to offer the emotional development of children in early years.

Educational Consultant, Brian Neish has already praised the games’ ability to “augment communication skills between parent and child via an interactive device” and the “opportunities for modelling successful relationship ‘family’ bonds between characters of different ages”. The Tee and Mo brand puts a strong emphasis on emotional learning and interpersonal relationships so we are very hopeful that this will be further recognised at the award ceremony in June.