August 15, 2014 admin

We’ve just updated our Nick Jr. Colour art tool! The project first launched in 2011 back when Flash was king, and now three years down the line we’ve launched a major update to ensure that the tool can entertain the next generation of children.

As a result of our latest update, the tool will now work smoothly on mobile devices, thanks to the wonders on HTML5! Developing the art app for mobile browsers presented new challenges in terms of design and user interface. Luckily, here at Plug-in we have years of experience in creating art tools and web deployment, so we were more than prepared to meet this challenge!

Presenting our large array of tools to the user on a small mobile screen was always going to be a challenge. Our solution was to use a semi-circular carousel to display tools, which then flattens out against the bottom of the screen to present colour choices and to maximise canvas space. The approach was so successful that we allowed this design to influence our updates for the desktop version too, making the large quantity of tools more immediately obvious to users.

A new carousel isn’t the only addition to the desktop version. In fact, both platforms are now equipped with a brand new tool: there are now a selection of paint pots that give the user the ability to create colours by mixing primary colours, just like a real life paint palette! We even have a glass of water to rinse the brush in and start afresh.

Finally, on the back end, we’ve completely re-worked the “Send to Nick” functionality to make the whole process far simpler. The user probably won’t notice much change when they send their pictures off to the team at Nick, but our new CMS will make the process of getting children’s pictures featured far simpler – which can only be good for budding young artists wanting to get featured online!

So take a look! Follow this link (on your computer or mobile device) and get creating!