June 29, 2015 admin


Once again, the Children’s Media Conference descends on Sheffield during the first week of July. This year’s conference runs from the 1st-3rd of July and, as usual, there will be a distinct Plug-in flavour around a few of the talks.

The Business of Digital is a session produced by James Coleman, one of our project managers. This session will discuss the business models around digital and how people can and are making money from digital products and services. Some of the questions the panel with discuss are: How can a new product gain ground around the culture of free-to-play? How much money do you need to spend on marketing to get a product to stand out? Do TV commissioners see digital as a way of getting content on the cheap? We’ll have valuable insight from four speakers.

Converging Careers Juliet is a speaker in this session looking a training and utilising a cross-platform production team, and how important versatility and adaptability is in the world of media production (sounds a lot like the Plug-in Media crew!)

Well Advised is a session that Juliet has exec-produced and looks at the importance of working with educational advisors when developing a TV series or app. How can you shape your content in such a way that it is educationally viable whilst retaining strong creative and artistic direction? Four expert speakers will dissect the problem.

Juliet and James are your Plug-in delegates this year, so if you see them around the conference then please do say hi! Otherwise, if you’d like to say hello and arrange a meeting, we have the perfect email address for you! Just drop us a note using