June 26, 2015 admin

Tee and Mo are heading to your television screens once again, this time with two animated songs that are soon to be broadcast on the CBeebies channel! And as the cornerstone of our Digital First strategy, TV is not the only place you’ll find them. The songs have debuted on the CBeebies website and on the dedicated CBeebies Youtube channel. They’ll also be making it onto CBeebies radio in the near future.

As Tee and Mo is a brand for both parents/caregivers and their offspring to enjoy together, it felt natural to focus the two songs on daily activities and doing things together. Futhermore, as the songs are culmulative and build up over the verses – just like Old MacDonald, they’re perfect for singing TOGETHER.

“Are We Ready To Go?” is a song about getting ready to leave the house. Tee and Mo keep making it as far as the front door, only to remember something that they have forgotten. Lauren Laverne returns in her role as the narrator, listing off the objects that Tee and Mo have forgotten as they try get out of the house. In the end, it takes them so long to get out it seems easier to just stay at home!

“We’re Not Tidying Up” is a song about putting your toys away after a day of play. Tee’s bedroom is in need of a good tidy, but he’s not really in the mood to help out. Mo decides that the best way to encourage him is to start dancing, and the song begins! By dancing as they work, the room gets tidied in no time and tidying becomes a fun task as well.

The animations that have been produced completely in house here at Plug-in Media, and we are really pleased with the results – we’ll let you know when to look out for them on air on the CBeebies channel. In the meantime, they’re proving enormously popular on Youtube, wracking up thousands of views each day.