June 13, 2015 admin

Tee and Mo star in a new adventure on the hugely popular and award-winning CBeebies Storytime app. Readers are now able to download “Who did the Footprints?” a detective story starring Tee and Mo!

Who did the footprints?

The story begins with Tee and Mo trying to decide what to do. Mo would love to go for a walk through the jungle, but Tee is far too busy playing detectives. The pair notice some mysterious footprints around the house, and so they decide to head into the jungle to find out who made them.

The story is read by our Tee and Mo narrator, Lauren Laverne, with the option to read to your child yourself, or to help them practice their own reading. There are also several interactive moments in the story, allowing your child to get involved in the storytelling.

Tee is busy playing detectives

As Tee and Mo travel through the jungle they collect footprints from all the different animals they meet to discover whose match the ones in their home. But will they solve the mystery? You’ll have to download the app to find out!

Tap the screen to make footprints

The CBeebies Storytime app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android and enables you to download many free stories from your favourite CBeebies shows.