April 22, 2016 admin

When we launched Tee and Mo a few years ago, we envisioned it as a cross platform brand: games to play together, stories to read together and a TV show to watch together. Today we follow that to the logical next step as we release our first album of songs for children and parents to sing together.

We’ve recorded 12 tracks of original music with Tee and Mo, available from iTunes from today and on physical CD for old school listening very soon!

Tee And Mo CDs Instagram

The album launch coincides with our latest animations being broadcast on CBeebies. We’ve animated four of the songs for the BBC and they are being shown over the coming week as Tee and Mo Song Time. Check out your TV guide or¬†follow us on twitter to stay up to date with the broadcast schedule!

Follow the link through to iTunes to find out more about the album and hear song previews!