December 21, 2017 admin

Our Operation Ouch game is one of the most popular on the CBBC Website, and already the winner of a Broadcast Digital Award. The BBC asked us to update the game with an additional control system for accessibility / switch use, a new game level, and 8 brand new mini games.

Our new suite of games are in a Hospital setting, with the doctors having to dodge clumsy porters, medicine trolleys and lazer shooting gorillas to escape the impending snot wave. As before, colliding with these obstacles triggers one of eight new mini games. These games use a few brand new mechanics as well!


There’s a new scanning mini game that ask the player to reveal hidden foreign objects in a patient’s body, a new bowel-untangling rotating pipe puzzle and a jigsaw style surgery game.

We’ve added adaptive difficulty levels and designed new gauntlets to really challenge seasoned players’ skills. The new controls and difficulty settings also make the game far more accessible to those who find it difficult to use a keyboard and mouse.

In fact the update pretty much doubles the amount of content in the game, as well as a few tweaks and balances to make the original game a tad fairer. What are you waiting for – go and check it out!