Client: Kuju / Unilever


Our classic 9-level platform game has been a massive hit on Miniclip ever since it launched in 2007. The game gained over 100,000 plays in its first 20 minutes on the site.

We teamed up with console game legends, Kuju to produce the largest Flash game to come out of the Plug-in Laboratory. It was created for Unilever’s Sure deodorant brand to back-up a hi-tech ‘Running of the Bulls’ event in the Spanish town of Pamplona. In this highly addictive platform game the main character is pursued by a host of baddies across 8 different European cities. We used an innovative animation technique, employing Maya to render our central character so that we could give his move a real sense of parcour extreme.

It takes a long time to play through all 9 levels, so take a look at the following preview: