Client: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe


Invizimals, the hidden invisible creatures that you can only see with your PSP or PS Vita, are coming back with a new title: Invizimals: The Resistance. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe asked us to make some online browser games to promote the new launch.

The most exciting thing about Invizimals titles is of course collecting, finding and discovering new species, especially the brand new additions to the line up that come with each release! So we naturally wanted to show off some of the new Invizimal champions in our game… but the player will have to work hard to uncover them.

In a classic tale of good vs evil, the setting of this game sees our heroes The Alliance being attacked, once again, by the evil Xtractors. We invite the player to login to The Alliance mainframe to see the latest Invizimals, only to discover that the mainframe has been hacked by that dastardly villain, Mr. Black!

The player must then play through a series of hacking minigames to retrieve the Invizimals information. We made three minigames and created a total of 18 levels for this experience.

Circuit Sequence:
A variation of the classic ‘plumbing’ game mechanic, the player must rotate tiles to guide an energy beam from the source to a target, thus unlocking the code and recovering the Invizimal record from the mainframe.

Reflector Corrector:
In this game, the player must angle mirrors to direct an energy beam toward the target square. Reflecting off the correct series of mirrors is not as easy as it seems!

Glyph Rift:
In the third game type, the player needs to move interconnected nodes to match the pattern seen in the background. Untangling the web of wires within the time limit can be impossible.

Once all the levels are completed, the narrative ties off with a fanfare – you have hacked the mainframe and defeated Mr. Black! Or have you? You’ll have to play through our challenging levels to find out!